Adriatic Turkish Bath Cooling Room

Above and below: Adriatic’s spacious Turkish bath cooling room (shown in a contemporary illustration), and its counterpart onboard Olympic. Titanic’s cooling room layout was different from that of Olympic, although the decorative scheme remained the same. Parks Stephenson has produced some wonderful renderings for Titanic, presented on his website. Further information about Adriatic can be found at Malcolm Shifrin’s Victorian Turkish Bath Project. (Author’s collection.)

Olympic Turkish Bath Cooling Room

Olympic’s Turkish Baths

The Cooling room on the middle deck in connection with the Turkish Baths is in many respects one of the most interesting and striking rooms on the ship. The portholes are concealed by an elaborately carved Cairo curtain, through which the light fitfully reveals “something of the grandeur of the mysterious East.”
‘The walls are completely tiled, from the dado to the cornice, in large panels of blue and green, surrounded by a broad band of tiles in a bolder and deeper hue.
‘The dado and doors and panelling are in a warm-coloured Teak, which makes a perfect setting to the gorgeous effect of the tiles and ceiling, the cornice and beams of which are gilt, and the intervening panels picked-out in dull red. From these panels are suspended bronze Arab lamps. The stanchions are cased also in teak, carved all over with an intricate Moorish pattern, and surmounted by a carved cap.
‘Over the doors are small gilt domes, semicircular in plan, with their soffits carved in a low relief geometrical pattern.

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