Three menu covers - one from cabin (first) class, one from tourist (second) class, one from third class - help to illustrate the differences for each class of passenger. Together they make for a very interesting comparison. Unfortunately, only one of the three menus made it into the final version of the Aquitania book, but it is possible to view them here with the original caption proposals.

Aquitania Cabin Class Menu August 1937

Above: A scenic view welcomed first class passengers to lunch, on the cover of a menu from Saturday August 14th 1937. Diners had plenty of choice – including no fewer than seventeen cheeses and numerous desserts. The ‘Chef’s suggestion’ was only one of hundreds of potential combinations of dishes. (Author’s collection.)

Aquitania Tourist Menu August 1937

Above: In tourist class the following day, two golden fish were used on the dinner menu’s centrepiece. Near the bottom, a three-funnel liner was presumably the new Queen Mary. While passengers enjoyed less choice than their first class counterparts, the menu was plentiful and included options ‘from the grill.’ (Author’s collection.)

Aquitania Third Class Menu August 1937

Above: Third class dinner the same evening included a variety of dishes, with a choice of cold meats – a vast improvement on the food available on express liners twenty-five years earlier. (Author’s collection.)

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