(Former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Ex-Minister For Europe)


Although a little outside of this website’s subject matter, the following ‘interview’ is presented for anyone who occasionally enjoys seeing politicians confronted with an alternative point of view. An accomplished Leicester MP since 1987, Keith Vaz was the first Asian MP since 1929, and became the first ever Asian Minister in the House of Commons (according to The Guardian, March 20th 2001.)

I decided to put the word ‘interview’ in quotes because it’s really only an exchange of a few words. It is unfortunate that the Right Honourable Gentleman did not have any time to stay and chat about the merits of government policy. The question(s) should not be taken to indicate what my personal opinion on the subject is. For the still shots from the video filmed that day by Leicester University Student Television, I am grateful to everyone at the organisation, and Director-General Matt Capon who was the cameraman who filmed this portion of the video. (Please be patient as they may take some time to download.) You have my thanks.

Mark Chirnside: ‘Excuse me Mr. Vaz, do you like our enormous red and white banner?’

[Mr. Vaz turns away and looks towards the banner, which reads: ‘DON’T LET THE UNIVERSITY SELL YOU OUT, TOGETHER WE CAN BEAT TOP-UP FEES: RALLY 12 P.M. WED 25TH FEB. QUEEN’S HALL.’]

[Mr. Vaz continues to walk forward as he starts to read the banner]

[Realising that the banner is protesting against a key Government policy (which he supports), Mr. Vaz finds it rather amusing. With the cameras rolling and several interested spectators, what can he say…?]

Mr. Vaz: ‘It’s creative…’

Mark Chirnside: ‘Thank you.’

[Mr. Vaz departs.]


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