Caledonia Foredecks

Above left: Berthed at Southampton, the White Star liner Laurentic can be seen ahead of Caledonia’s bow. (Courtesy Richard Sloan.)

Below left: Work proceeds on A-deck, where the original lifeboats have been removed. (Courtesy Richard Sloan.)

Majestic A-deck dismantled

Caledonia 32-foot cutter

Above right: A thirty-two foot cutter on A-deck’s aft starboard side. (Courtesy Richard Sloan.)

Below right: A completed Morse signal classroom situated on B-deck... (Courtesy Richard Sloan.)

Majestic B-deck Morse Signal Classroom

Majestic Gunnery Classroom

Above right: ...and a gunnery classroom on the same deck level. (Courtesy Richard Sloan.)

Below right: Caledonia’s hospital had a large number of beds available. (Courtesy Richard Sloan.)

Majestic Hospital

Majestic Caledonia Swimming Pool

Caledonia Boxing Ring

Above left: The first class lounge looked dramatically different following the conversion. Although the ceiling and other original fixtures and fittings remained, the luxurious furniture had all been removed. We can see the boxing ring in this unique image. (Courtesy Richard Sloan.)

Bottom left: The small Roman Catholic Chapel, photographed in 1937. (Courtesy Jim Duckworth.)

Bottom right: The first class swimming pool as it was in 1937. (Courtesy Jim Duckworth.)

Caledonia Roman Catholic Chapel


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