RMS Majestic First Class Dining Saloon

Above: Majestic’s first class dining saloon as it appeared in the 1920s... (Courtesy Jim Duckworth.)


HMS Caledonia Seaman Boys' Mess, December 1937


Above right: A cartoon from December 1937 depicts the original dining saloon, which contrasted with the ship’s new role. (Courtesy Jim Duckworth.)



Left: ...and as in its final configuration as Caledonia’s seaman boys’ mess. She carried over 16,000 first class passengers in 1923 alone, most of whom would have dined here rather than in the more exclusive a la carte restaurant. The original tables that thousands of first class passengers used over the years have been removed, yet the original ceiling and other features remained as a reminder of the ship’s glory. Unfortunately, it appears that these fittings were destroyed during the fire of September 1939. (Courtesy Jim Duckworth.)





HMS Caledonia Saloon: Seaman Boys' Mess



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