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Majestic Second Cabin

‘On the Majestic, the World’s Largest Ship, will be found the highest development of Second Cabin accommodations. The conveniences on this magnificent steamer, the sumptuous public rooms, the broad, sunny decks, and the luxurious staterooms have inspired the enthusiastic praise of thousands of discriminating travelers.

‘Aside from the inevitable prestigue the Majestic has attained because she is the world’s largest ship - her speed, her famous cuisine, the expert quality of her service have all contributed to her international reputation.

‘The service in Second Cabin comes as a delightful surprise to the traveler. Years of training in the traditions of the White Star Line has developed a quiet, deft service that is extremely pleasant...’

Majestic Second Cabin A-deck

Above: Majestic had a number of spacious second cabin staterooms situated aft on A-deck. The two person stateroom A95 was one of the few which had its own private toilet and shower facilities. (Author’s collection.)

Majestic B-deck

Above: Majestic’s second cabin passengers enjoyed a number of spacious public rooms that put some of her competitors to shame. From the smoking room, writing room, gymnasium, lounge, reading and writing room, to the dance floor and reception area. The passenger decks were served by a single elevator accessed from the entrance hall. (Author’s collection.)

Majestic C-deck

Above: As well as enjoying an enquiry office, barber’s shop, purser’s office, and dispensary, a number of second cabin staterooms were fitted for only two people. (Author’s collection)

Majestic D-deck

Above: The second cabin dining saloon was spacious, and had seats for 360 passengers according to a December 1921 plan (printed in German before the ship had even entered White Star’s service). (Author’s collection)

Majestic E-deck

Above: Many second cabin passengers enjoyed staterooms which had their own sea views - shown here in orange - while there were a number of public bathrooms available on E-deck. (Author’s collection)

Majestic F-deck

Above: The original owner of the second cabin plan appears to have occupied stateroom F64, highlighted here in black ink. The cinematographer operator’s stateroom can be seen at the top right of the plan; a large number of two person staterooms were situated on this deck. (Author’s collection)

‘On the ocean the sea breezes are the finest tonic in the world and the company the most vivacious and congenial.’

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