The White Star Line produced a number of brochures which advertised third class travel onboard Majestic. Although such promotional material was ordinary enough, this much rarer brochure was marked out as something different: for it was entirely in Italian, and aimed at attracting Italians to fill the ship’s extensive third class accommodation.

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Majestic Profile Watermark

Majestic Tower of Piza Watermark

Vapore Majestic Paragonato Alla Famosa Torre Di Pisa.’

Translation (inexact): Steamer Majestic Compared with Famous Tower of Pisa.

Left: The White Star Line were proud of Majestic as the largest liner in the world. The usual comparison of the ship with a famous building became rather different, when this Italian brochure used five copies of the leaning tower of Pisa. (Author’s collection.)


Majestic Terza Classe Watermark

Majestic Watermark






Il Piu Grande Vapore Del Mondo Majestic: 56,000 Tonn Vedute in Terza Classe.’

Translation (inexact): Greatest Steamer of the World Majestic 56,000 Tons: Views in the Third Class.

Left: The brochure cover used an image of one of Majestic’s funnels, even taking the shape of the emited steam at the top of the page. (Author’s collection.)



Below: The White Star shines prominently above Majestic as she steams across a tranquil sea. (Author’s collection.)


Majestic White Star Watermark

Majestic Terza Classe Watermark

Above: Majestic’s third class lounge, third class dining saloon, and third class smoking room all appeared in their full glory in the brochure’s gorgeous colour centrepiece. Although tightening immigration restrictions had limited the number of third class passengers gaining entry into the United States even before Majestic entered service in 1922, she still carried several thousand every year. (Author’s collection.)

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