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Majestic Tourist Third Cabin 1929

‘The accommodations are really delightful. Good, solid comfort in her Tourist Third Cabin and a coziness and friendliness more than compensate for any lack of the sumptuous.

‘The rooms are attractive and cheerful. The berths are comfortable, the baths plentiful. Table linen, cutlery and furniture are the kind that people living in good homes find acceptable.

‘...Each day of the passage is marked by its round of entertainments - music, dancing, card parties, lectures, amateur theatricals, organized deck sports, and for those who are leisurely inclined, there are plenty of quiet spots on sun drenched decks to absorb new stamina from the keen sea breezes...’

Right: The accommodation plans colour-coded the public rooms. (Author’s collection.)

Below, right: Majestic’s tourist third cabin passengers enjoyed their own spacious lounge (click to view images of this area at various stages of the ship’s career - opening in a new window). (Author’s collection.)

Below, left: White Star issued a detailed description of ‘Tourist Third Cabin’ in March 1929 (click to view an enlargement in a new window). (Author’s collection.)

Majestic Tourist Third Cabin Description


Majestic Index

Majestic B-deck

Majestic D-deck

Left: ‘Here you pick up your napkin and settle down for a real meal - plentiful and well cooked. After hours in the sun and wind, how welcome is the profusion of the menu! The food is well served, too, by attentive waiters.’ (Author’s collection.)

Majestic Dance Floor

Above: ‘The polished dance floor is inviting.’ (Author’s collection.)


Below: Majestic’s wide breadth enabled twelve staterooms to be placed alongside each other, spanning from one side of the ship to the other. This plan shows sections ‘S’ and ‘N’ on F-deck. There is a record of section ‘S’ - by then designated for third class passengers - being unused for several years when passenger numbers plunged in the early 1930s. It was brought back into operation once again in the summer of 1935, as Majestic’s passenger numbers rose to their highest level since 1930. See RMS Majestic: The ‘Magic Stick’ (Tempus Publishing; 2006). (Author’s collection.)


Majestic F-deck



‘Travel via Tourist Third Cabin is such a jolly idea. There is a feeling of gayety, of spontaneous, care-free joyousness about it that calls wholeheartedly to the youth that is essentially a part of each of us. There is no set formality attached to this modern mode of transatlantic travel...all that is necessary is the desire to “go some place.”’

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