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DECEMBER 22nd 2006

The reprint of The ‘Olympic’ Class Ships has been finished, while a short list of reprints and corrections was added to the book’s individual page.

Merry Christmas!

NOVEMBER 24th 2006

Ninety years after Britannic’s loss, a link has been added to The Britannic Foundation. It is a worthy cause and deserves the utmost support.

Corrections are being added to each book page, showing some of the changes that have been made to books in various reprints.

NOVEMBER 17th 2006

As promised, the Poderjay murder article has been uploaded and is accessible via the main page. While essentially the same as the article which appeared in the British Titanic Society’s Atlantic Daily Bulletin earlier this year, the additional space available through the website has allowed some additional images to be included; and new information as well as feedback has come to light.

NOVEMBER 10th 2006

RMS Majestic was released today by Tempus Publishing, and the book’s webpage updated with a link to purchase it online. Accessible from the Majestic book page is the ‘RMS Majestic Notebook’ of information relating to her history, and a new article has been added to the notebook consisting of a series of previously unpublished reports regarding her construction as SS Bismarck in 1920.

The ‘Olympic’ Class Ships is – once again – in danger of going out of stock at Tempus, as there are only eighteen copies left, and so yet another reprint is in the works (hopefully in time for Christmas).

JULY 27th 2006

The main page has been ‘de-cluttered’ and several sections have become individual pages. Several book pages have been updated; the Aquitania book page has been added; my recent article on Olympic’s retirement has (finally) been posted, along with a brief page on Cunard’s ‘Queens’ in the 1960s, and my dissertation exploring the Gardiner conspiracy theory has been uploaded. An article about Captain Poderjay, an alleged murderer onboard the Olympic, is due to be uploaded.

APRIL 29th 2006

The number of ‘hits’ for the first three months of this year almost doubled the previous quarter’s record. All in all, during its first year online this website attracted almost 9,000 ‘hits’ – not bad at all and its popularity seems to be rising very sharply.

The various book pages have been updated, while a link to the ‘RMS Majestic Notebook’ has been added on the Majestic book page. I had hoped to upload my Olympic retirement article, but some mislaid files and technical problems mean it will have to wait for a while yet. My dissertation analysing the Robin Gardiner conspiracy theory will hopefully be added sometime in the next year, providing I can get clearance.

FEBRUARY 17th 2006

A few changes were made today: reviews have been added to the book pages; my American friend Sally’s doodles have been added to The First of Mark’s Volumes of Mark book page (which are very worthwhile to study in depth); the standard text size on all the pages has been increased to make it easier to read, and more suitable for all monitor sizes; a new interview has been added; a new page has been added for the upcoming Majestic book, and one or two ‘tweaks’ have been made on the main page.

JANUARY 8th 2006

In the final quarter of 2005, this website had its most successful three months to date. October 19th 2005 proved the best day yet, with no fewer than 115 ‘hits’ and seventy-one unique visitors.

For the first update of the New Year, a link to my new article about the ‘Olympic’ class’ expansion joints was added to the main page’s external articles section; the pages for my first two maritime books were brought fully up-to-date, and some minor changes made to their design. It is hoped that a follow-up to my April 2002 article on the Olympic’s retirement will be posted in a few months’ time, four years after the original article’s publication.

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