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DECEMBER 5th 2007

Another review was added to the RMS Majestic book page: RMS Majestic: The ‘Magic Stick’.

NOVEMBER 25th 2007

The article Cunard’s ‘Queens’ and the 1960s has been updated, with new information (to the article, at least) as to the total number of passengers each ship carried over their long careers. The figures are somewhat surprising, and blow another hole in a popular myth.

NOVEMBER 23rd 2007

Three new articles have been added: RMS Majestic Specification File, RMS Olympic Specification File, and RMS Majestic: An Interior Glimpse. All can be found on the article index page.

NOVEMBER 8th 2007

The website has been completely overhauled. Although the look and feel remain generally similar, a much more professional presentation is apparent. The html coding - the very foundation of website files, which tells the Internet browser how to display the website - has been examined to ensure cross-broswer compatibility, whether the viewer is using Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other browser. As far as possible all the original, individual page urls have remained the same. Another key improvement is that the navigation has been further improved by the addition of buttons at the top of the page, as well as along the footer of the pages generally. This builds on the Contents Box and Sitemap added earlier this year, and ensures easy navigation as the site continues to grow and increase its popularity.

It is intended that additional original research articles, as well as information about Aquitania and the upcoming Aquitania book will be added from next spring, and then throughout 2008.

Credit for all these changes must go to the talented J. Kent Layton and TMB studios:

AUGUST 1oth 2007

Although no new content has been added, as this website has grown it has become necessary to simplify the home page once again. In place of the original extensive list of links to this website’s articles and pages that was placed beneath the introduction text on the home page, instead a new box has been added which provides links to four categories of content: books, articles, interviews and news. Each category takes the reader to an index of related content.

AUGUST 9th 2007

Sam Halpern’s new article is available on Encyclopedia Titanica: Titanic’s Prime Mover – An Examination of Propulsion and Power (2007) Mark was pleased to be able to assist in terms of sharing research and information.

JULY 16th 2007

The page for the Aquitania book has been updated, as the projected publication date has been stated and a sneak preview given of the book’s content. RMS Aquitania: The ‘Ship Beautiful’

JULY 15th 2007

Another page was added to the website, ‘To The Editor…’ It consists of an index of letters which were written by Mark Chirnside and subsequently published in various maritime journals. It can be accessed here: ‘To The Editor…’

APRIL 30th 2007

A new link was added to the external articles page, drawing attention to a brand-new article by Mark Chirnside and Sam Halpern that was published today on Encyclopedia Titanica: Olympic and Titanic: Maiden Voyage Mysteries (2007)

APRIL 23rd 2007

Even though it is only twenty-three days into the month, this April the website has already received as many hits as it did for its first four months online from April 2005. Visitor statistics for 2006 were very good and 2007 looks set to be significantly better.

The Aquitania captains list has been added to the website – and can also be accessed from the Aquitania book page.

APRIL 1st 2007

Another April fool’s day, and this website celebrated its second birthday!

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