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NOVEMBER 2nd 2009

Another review was added to the Olympic book page and the new article - Lusitania and Mauretania: Perceptions of Popularity - was completed as a webpage. Originally published in the Titanic Historical Society journal, it examines the question as to which of the two ships was more popular with the travelling public. The answer is quite different to popular belief.

Part of the Time Shift documentary series, The Golden Age of Liners recently aired on BBC 4 in the United Kingdom. It included some images from this website, in particular a striking one of Majestic which can be seen in the gallery. Further details of the documentary can be found here (the link may not remain available for an extended period). Meanwhile, a new painting of Britannic has been completed by Lionel Codus:

HMHS Britannic Lionel Codus 2009

Above: HMHS Britannic is depicted in this newly completed painting by the French artist Lionel Codus. To visit his website, please click on the painting and it will appear in a new window. (Courtesy Lionel Codus.)

OCTOBER 4th 2009

Several new positive reviews have been added to the Aquitania book page, while another letter has been added to the ‘To the Editor...’ page. For want of space, it has not yet appeared in Voyage, but is due to in the next issue. Although there was no chance to complete some of the additional pages, as promised, there is every intention to rectify this before the end of the year.

MAY 24th 2009

As well as refreshing the book index and other book pages with a new look, two reviews have been added to the Olympic book page and a far greater number to the Aquitania book page.

FEBRUARY 23rd 2009

A new Caledonia dossier has been uploaded to the site, providing a great deal of material about Majestic and her time as Caledonia in the late 1930s; and including many interesting images of life onboard.

JANUARY 1st 2009

Mark Chirnside’s Reception Room enjoyed its most successful year to date in 2008. Building upon the redesign of November 2007, the new navigation tools and indexes, combined with many new articles added over the summer, attracted a great deal of interest. In August 2008, there were more monthly hits than ever before; and one single day recorded more than 1,000 page loads. The site surpasses 100,000 hits as we enter the New Year. Thanks to everybody who has visited the site.

Following the comprehensive update in August 2008, subsequent changes to the site have been fairly small alterations. A new contents panel has been added to the top of the ‘To the Editor...’ page, as well as the Titanic: Changing the Reality article; a number of reviews have been added to the Aquitania book page; a new review has been added for the Majestic book; and a new link has been added to the Links page, leading to Brent Holt’s new website. However, the main addition has been a new section displaying a brochure of Aquitania that Cunard issued in the early 1920s.

Further new articles and material will be added throughout 2009, including some items that were originally going to be posted in 2008.

Updates and changes made in 2008 were archived: News/Updates 2008.

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