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OCTOBER 25th 2010

Although I remain very proud of my first maritime book, The ‘Olympic’ Class Ships: Olympic, Titanic & Britannic, I have learnt a lot since it was written. It was largely completed by 2001-02 and published in 2004, but the first words were written more than a decade ago. Consequently, I have spent more time researching the subject after the book was published than before! There is therefore scope to improve the existing work, correcting mistakes that inevitably crept into the original text, diagnosed both as a result of readers’ suggestions and my own ongoing research, as well as bringing it up to date with later developments. The second edition will incorporate an additional ‘signature’ (32 pages) as well as a new colour section (16 pages) like that in RMS Olympic: Titanic’s Sister and it is hoped that it will be available in May 2011. As always, I welcome the chance to learn from others who are willing to share their own knowledge, and further suggestions or corrections are welcome. Unfortunately, it does mean that less time is available to work on the website, but updates will continue to be made whenever possible.

Perhaps it is appropriate that news of the second edition comes almost six years after the original publication (on October 27th 2004). However, with the new edition already available for pre-order online, anyone thinking of buying the book might prefer to wait until the new edition is available, rather than buying the original.

JANUARY 1st 2010

Once again, Mark Chirnside’s Reception Room enjoyed its most successful year so far. In 2009 it was more popular than any preceding year. In particular, an increased number of returning visitors is very positive as people are enjoying their visit to the site and returning again. Thanks to everybody who has visited the site.

Some changes have been made to reflect the new year, but no additional articles have been uploaded today. However, news about future projects and other updates will be added throughout the year ahead. Three FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages relating to Majestic, Olympic and Aquitania were added in August 2008, and it is planned that another one for Britannic will be added in due course. In the meantime, Lusitania and Mauretania: Perceptions of Popularity (added in November 2009) seems to be attracting a lot of interest. Kerry Garrett has generously contributed a wonderful piece of art work to be displayed:

RMS Olympic-NantucketLightship 1934 by Kerry Garrett

Above: Olympic collides with the Nantucket Lightship during the final stages of a westbound crossing to New York in May 1934. The liner’s speed had already been reduced to ten knots in the fog, but it was impossible to avoid a collision. Although the engines were reversed, bringing her speed down to a couple of knots, the Lightship was fatally wounded by Olympic. Four surviving men were rescued, but seven died. (Courtesy Kerry Garrett.)

Updates and changes made in 2009 were archived: News/Updates 2009


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