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July 7th 2013

A new article, previously published in the Titanic Commutator of the Titanic Historical Society, examines the evidence surrounding the failed torpedo attack on Olympic during the last few months of the war. It suggests the identity of the U-boat and the date the attack took place.

May 30th 2013

A new article, recently published in the Titanic Commutator of the Titanic Historical Society, takes a look at the White Star liner Germanic/Homeric, whose history has been shrouded in mystery.

January 1st 2013

As we enter 2013, may all visitors to the website have a happy, contented and prosperous New Year! Mark Chirnside’s Reception Room had a successful 2012, with substantially more page loads, unique visits and returning visitors than in any previous year. Thanks again to everybody who has visited and supported the site.

The Reception Room has now got a new, consolidated Bookshop, where signed copies of all available books can be purchased from a single page, rather than having to look at each book page individually.

Several new articles are expected to be added over the coming year. In the meantime, another letter has been added to the file of letters to the editor. It was sent to The Times in response to an article regarding Titanic’s lifeboats which appeared in November 2012.

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