Above: Joanne Fairbrother’s portrait of Mark Chirnside, completed in April 2007. Joanne invites commissions, and if you are interested in her work she can be contacted here .

It seems to be obligatory to include an ‘about the author’ page on a website of this sort. To that end, this page has been added to Mark Chirnside’s Reception Room.

He is interested in a large number of ocean liners – a curious number of which sank. Although Mark has concentrated his research into the Olympic, Titanic and Britannic, he has also deviated into the history of several other contemporary ocean liners such as the ‘Magic Stick’ and the Aquitania . He finds it fascinating to look up obscure technical details in the hope of discovering something interesting, developing hypotheses, and generally travelling to archives and getting his hands dirty. He is also interested in trying to find ‘new’ information, if for no other reason that to disprove the idea that nothing new can be learned about the ‘Olympic’ class ships. On the rare occasion that he learns something new, he finds it exceptionally exciting and tends to repeat this ‘new’ information to as many unfortunate people as happen to be nearby. As yet, he has not won any ‘golden turkey awards’ for the worst Titanic-related book to be published. He was one of the youngest non-fiction authors in the United Kingdom.


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