This website has undergone many changes since it first went online on April Fool’s Day, in 2005. Three years later, its appearance has improved enormously and its content has grown.

Mainpage October 2005

Above: The homepage as it looked in October 2005. At that time, the page for the Majestic book had not yet been created. (Author’s Collection.)

Mainpage August 2007

Mainpage August 2007 2

Above: Almost two years later, in August 2007, the homepage appearance had been improved somewhat and the illustration enlarged. The books, articles, interviews and news items had all been grouped into their own individual indexes. The mailing list also appeared. (Author’s Collection.)

Book Index August 2007

Above: The book index page in August 2007. (Author’s Collection.)

Books Index March 2008

Above: After the redesigned site went online in November 2007, the book index page looked far better. (Author’s Collection.)

Mainpage March 2008

Above: The entire website’s appearance had been improved, with a deep red border, new graphics, and index buttons all along the top and bottom of each page. A new bulletin feature appeared to point out the latest news. This is the homepage as it appeared in March 2008. (Author’s Collection.)


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