The 'Majestic Gallery' contains upwards of forty images of the ship: from artists' impressions, to exterior photographs, interior images, brochures, deckplans and other material. Although many of them are rare and/or unpublished images, there are also plenty of old favourites. Several were intended to be included in the Majestic book, yet for reasons of space or editorial considerations it was not possible for them to be used. Instead, they have been made available here. It should be noted that in order to display them online, many of the images have been reduced in size so that they will not take too long to load. However, even with that reduction there are several pages where the images might take a little long to appear, and the reader's patience is appreciated.

The gallery has its own navigation tools, in the form of the hyperlinks situated near the bottom of each gallery page beneath the images. It is possible to navigate back or ahead to reach the next image, and the middle button returns the user to this page.


bismarck postcard

Above and below: This rare postcard issued by Hamburg Amerika shows Bismarck coming dangerously close to a smaller vessel, which is only slightly off the ship's starboard bow. It appears that the contrast was meant to show the new liner's size. The measurements for the largest ship in the world are given using the metric system, yet British shipbuilders were still using the imperial measurements of feet and inches. She had a projected gross registered tonnage of 56,000, while her passenger capacity was given at 4,080 in addition to 1,200 crew. In comparison with the postcard below, the difference in styles and colour is marked; Imperator's funnels are much lighter, while her length was emphasized. (Author's Collection.)

imperator colour 1914


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