Given that Mark’s maritime books have been published by Tempus, following the disappearance of the original Tempus Publishing website there was some concern as to what had happened to the publishing company. Another question was to whether upcoming books - such as the Aquitania book - would still be published. Following the recent acquisition of the Tempus Publishing imprint by The History Press Ltd., this note is intended to offer some clarification regarding the present situation (as of early 2008).

The fact of the matter is that Tempus Publishing was recently acquired by The History Press Ltd., and the existing titles - along with all the upcoming books - have been transferred as of December 2007. Therefore there is no cause for concern, as the titles have merely been transferred to the new company. The situation is explained below, in extracts from a recent letter sent to authors by Tony Morris, Chief Executive of The History Press Ltd. [confidential material removed].

History Press Ltd

The History Press Ltd.
Cirencester Road

December 18th 2007

...On 18 December the History Press Ltd. acquired all the assets in NPI Media Group Ltd., including all the existing imprints - Pathfinder, Phillimore, Pitkin, Spellmount, Stadia, Sutton, Tempus and Nonsuch - together with all the existing titles, plus all the future contracts and the publishing rights contained in them. All our publishing staff remain in place exactly as before...

At the heart of the History Press is a commitment to:

  • Invest in the people who create value in our business: our customers, our clients, our colleagues, and above all, our most precious asset - our authors.
  • Foster clear, open, prompt, consistent, high quality communication with every one of the above.
  • Grow the company, by developing and enhancing our existing book business and via a series of new digital publishing initiatives...



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