Majestic Second Cabin, 1931


‘On the Majestic, the World’s Largest Ship, will be found the highest development of Second Cabin accommodations. The conveniences on this magnificent steamer, the sumptuous public rooms, the broad, sunny decks, and the luxurious staterooms have inspired the enthusiastic praise of thousands of discriminating travelers.

‘It is now possible to travel, in luxurious accommodation, with a maximum of comfort, at reasonable rates.’

‘Aside from the inevitable prestige the Majestic has attained because she is the world’s largest ship – her speed, her famous cuisine, the expert quality of her service have all contributed to her international reputation.

‘The service in Second Cabin comes as a delightful surprise to the traveler. Years of training in the traditions of the White Star Line has developed a quiet, deft service that is extremely pleasant…’

‘On the ocean the sea breezes are the finest tonic in the world and the company the most vivacious and congenial.’

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‘Second Cabin staterooms on the Majestic are designed for good, solid comfort – the most important factor of an ocean holiday. A novel system of ventilation insures an evenly regulated flow of clean, fresh air at all times to all rooms. Thus the air is just as fresh in an inside as in an outside stateroom. Several staterooms on “A” deck that were formerly in First Class have been made a part of Second Cabin and are now available at the low Second Cabin rates. Some of these new rooms have private showers and all are equipped with beds.’

‘Second Cabin public rooms on the Majestic are all spacious, airy and tastefully decorated salons, and they offer innumerable opportunities for the diverse pleasures of discriminating travelers.

‘The smoking room has all the substantial comforts of a club ashore, in addition to an individual and gracious charm. You will always find congenial groups gathered here, for the small tables are set for games of cards and chess, the sturdy leather-upholstered furniture is rest-inviting, and the windows admit sunlight and a tang of salt air. The lovely brick fireplace adds a further note of attractiveness and makes the smoking room one of your favourite mid-sea rendezvous.’

‘It is now possible to travel, in luxurious accommodation, with a maximum of comfort, at reasonable rates.’