RMS Majestic: Weekend Cruise to Nassau, 1935


A photograph of the White Star liner Majestic with a tug alongside.
The White Star liner Majestic in port beside the tug Gladstone. (J. Kent Layton collection.)

In October 1935, Cunard White Star printed a brochure advertising Majestic’s ‘New Year’s Eve Week End Cruise to Nassau.’ Although the original item has faded and become dirty over the years, it sheds light on one of Majestic’s final actions as a passenger liner.

According to the New York Times, when Majestic returned on January 1st 1936 she carried no fewer than 1,501 passengers who had enjoyed their time onboard the second largest liner in the world.

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The complete list of rates covered almost two pages, and included a particularly impressive photograph of Majestic. Unfortunately, one or two smudges and a crease in the original brochure distract from her fine profile. (Author’s Collection.)
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