Aquitania Tourist 3rd Cabin, 1929

Aquitania TouristThird QuadrupleScrew
Cunard were proud of Aquitania - from her size, to her new tourist third cabin accommodation. Oddly, she is described as a ‘geared turbine’ liner: an error that was also repeated on a Mauretania plan in the late 1920s. (Author’s collection)
Aquitania TouristThird Plans
The brochure cover. (Author's collection.)
Aquitania TouristThird Cheques
Cunard traveller's cheques were billed as the 'universal currency' for travellers. (Author's collection)
Aquitania TouristThird C-deck
Tourist Third Cabin passengers enjoyed a new smoke room and lounge, aft on C-deck. (Author's collection.)
Aquitania TouristThird SmokeRoom
The Aquitania's tourist third class smoke room. (Author's collection.)
Aquitania TouristThird D-deck
Tourist Third Cabin’s new winter garden, situated aft on D-deck. The dining saloon was originally the starboard side of the second class dining saloon, before it was partitioned. (Author’s collection)
Aquitania TouristThird F-deck
Tourist Third Cabin staterooms on F-deck. The passenger who originally owned this plan has circled stateroom F85. The stateroom numbers were in red, while the numbers of the berths themselves were in black. At the time, it was far from unusual to share a stateroom with a stranger. (Author’s collection)
Aquitania TouristThirdTwoBerthStateroom
This view shows a typical tourist third cabin stateroom, such as stateroom F85 indicated in the plans. (Author's collection.)
Aquitania TouristThird G-deck
G Deck accommodations for tourist third class. Presumably the berths were numbered in this manner so that a passenger knew they had booked a particular berth. (Author's collection.)
Aquitania TouristThird Key
The key to the plans confirms the numbering system, and the shading of the public rooms. (Author’s collection)