December 2022
Mark Chirnside’s Reception Room has been overhauled to improve the user experience on mobile devices, make it easier to order books and generally refresh it for the 2020s. All credit for the work goes to TMB Studios!

October 2018
Oceanic: White Star’s ‘Ship of the Century’ is now available for pre-order prior to its 1 November 2018 release.

April 2018
The ‘Big Four’ of the White Star Fleet: Celtic, Cedric, Baltic & Adriatic is released as a cheaper softcover edition from May 2018

October 2016
The ‘Big Four’ of the White Star Fleet: Celtic, Cedric, Baltic & Adriatic has been released by the History Press.

5 September 2015
The revised and expanded edition of RMS Olympic: Titanic’s Sister is released by the History Press in the next few days. Thoroughly improved and expanded from the original edition that was published in 2004, the new volume has been expanded from 320 to 352 pages, with a revised colour section. Despite all this additional material, the new edition is being sold for the same price as the original was eleven years ago!

9 February 2012
Mark’s new book, Olympic Titanic Britannic: An Illustrated History of the ‘Olympic’ Class Ships, was released on 31 January 2012.

16 May 2011
The “Olympic” Class Ships: Olympic, Titanic & Britannic (revised and expanded edition) was released by the History Press.

15 September 2008
RMS Aquitania: The ‘Ship Beautiful’ was released by the History Press.

8 November 2007
The website has been completely overhauled for easier navigation and cross-browser compatibility. Credit for all these changes must go to the talented J. Kent Layton and TMB studios.

10 November 2006
RMS Majestic: The ‘Magic Stick’ was released today by Tempus Publishing.

1 April 2005
Mark Chirnside’s Reception Room is now online!