Aquitania Down the Years, 1st Class

rms aquitania d-deckgrill1914
Although creased, this deckplan shows the location of the original first class grill room. (The Shipbuilder, 1914/Author’s Collection.)
rms aquitania d-deckgrill1938
The first class grill room was removed in 1936, providing additional space for new staterooms. Even after Queen Mary entered service, Aquitania’s recovery from the lean years of the early 1930s continued, and Cunard White Star installed the new staterooms to ensure that she had the capacity to take advantage of increasing passenger numbers. They calculated that the expense of the alterations would be more than offset by the increased revenues generated. Orange designated rooms with ‘a bed and upper berth’. (Author’s Collection.)
rms aquitania d-deckrestaurant1914
The first class restaurant, or dining saloon, and foyer as they were in 1914. (The Shipbuilder, 1914/Author’s Collection.)
rms aquitania d-deckrestaurant1938
The first class restaurant did not change a great deal over the years, but this interesting deckplan shows that the captain’s table was situated in the forward starboard section of the room, while the staff captain’s table was opposite on the port side and other senior crewmen were strategically seated throughout the room. In the foyer, now labelled as the ‘reception room,’ additional chairs and tables are available, while the bank and information bureau - both fitted during the 1920 refit - can be seen on each side of the ship. (Author’s Collection.)
rms aquitania c-deckamidships1914
First class staterooms amidships on C-deck, 1914. (The Shipbuilder, 1914/Author’s Collection.)
rms aquitania c-deckamidships1938
During the 1920 refit, it was reported that the first class staterooms amidships on C-deck were ‘practically rebuilt’. The changes - seen here, eighteen years later - were a considerable improvement upon the original accommodation. (Author’s Collection.)
rms aquitania b-deckamidships1914
Some of Aquitania’s famous suites, seen in this view of B-deck. (The Shipbuilder, 1914/Author’s Collection.)
rms aquitania b-deckamidships1938
A number of improvements were made over the years. In 1926, for example, the raised portion of the promenade deck amidships was sacrificed when the staterooms amidships were increased in size and brought further out towards the sides of the ship. It is also interesting that some further changes had been made. (Author’s Collection.)
rms aquitania b-deckReynoldsSuite1938
compare the layout of the Reynolds Suite, forward on the port side, as it was in 1914 and then 1938. The eagle eye can spot many alterations. (Author's collection.)