Homeric Interior Dossier

rms homeric A-deck
The following extract from the plan available in the PDF above, which shows A-deck, demonstrates the ship’s luxury. A verandah cafe, smoking room, music room, two galleries, an enormous lounge, reading and writing room, and drawing room overlooking the bow were all provided. (Author's Collection)
rms homeric A-deckcorridor
One of Homeric's A-deck corridors. (Author's collection.)
rms homeric A-decklounge
The first class lounge, which was even larger than its counterpart onboard the larger Olympic. (Author's collection.)
rms homericgymnasium
Homeric’s well-equipped gymnasium. (Author's collection.)
rms homericA-deckroom64
Stateroom B64. (Author's collection.)
rms homericB64
Stateroom B64 was located on the after port side of B-deck, near to the after first class entrance vestibule. Although it did not have a private bathroom, one of Homeric’s key features was the high number of single-berth staterooms. (Author’s Collection.)
rms homericdiningsaloon
The first class dining saloon. (Author’s Collection.)