Majestic Weekend Cruise to Nassau, 1935

rms majestic cruise-nassau 1935
Majestic left New York for the final cruise of her career on the evening of Friday December 27th 1935. The advertised price of $60 for five days could only be obtained by passengers booking the cheapest of accommodation. (Author’s Collection.)
rms majestic cruise-nassau2 1935
Glamorous photographs of passengers enjoying the luxuries of a high class liner at sea were used to entice potential cruise passengers onboard the ‘Magic Stick’. (Author’s Collection.)
rms majestic cruise-nassau3 1935
Majestic’s wonders were described in detail, as Cunard White Star assured passengers of a fun and romantic cruise. (Author’s Collection.)
rms majestic cruise-nassau4 1935
One of Majestic’s first class outside staterooms was used to illustrate the comforts available to passengers. It appeared comfortable, light and airy. She carried more first class passengers than any other liner in her heyday. Meanwhile, the wonderful palm court was also shown, alongside a couple enjoying their short time at sea. (Author’s Collection.)
rms majestic cruise-nassau5 1935
Majestic’s finest suites could command a far higher price than other staterooms. A couple who engaged A42, A44 and A46 could expect to pay $330 ($4,845.45, adjusted using the consumer price index, or £2,444.48, as of 2006). In return, they received two bedrooms, a sitting room, veranda, three baths and toilets, and a wardrobe room, yet it was a substantial sum of money for such a short cruise. The suite might have been occupied by the Kaiser, had Germany emerged victorious from World War I, and had Majestic been completed for her German owners as Bismarck. (Author’s Collection.)
rms majestic cruise-nassau6 1935
The complete list of rates covered almost two pages, and included a particularly impressive photograph of Majestic. Unfortunately, one or two smudges and a crease in the original brochure distract from her fine profile. (Author’s Collection.)