Britannic Plans

Cyril Codus' plan reflects Britannic's hospital ship configuration. (Courtesy Cyril Codus.)
Britannic's rudder weighed 101¼ tons. (Courtesy Cyril Codus.)
A red cross painted amidships was one of three main crosses on each side of the ship. (Courtesy Cyril Codus Codus.)
The only large 'girder'-type davit station at the fore end of the boat deck was on the starboard side of the first funnel, because the port side station had not been completed in time. (Courtesy Cyril Codus.)
Britannic's forepeak. The name lettering was eighteen inches high and the enormous anchors, slightly heavier than their counterparts on Olympic or Titanic, were impressive in their scale. (Courtesy Cyril Codus.)